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Thursday April 26, 2018  

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Would you like to share information with our viewers & members?

This section is reserved for any news, greetings, birthday wishes, birth announcements, injury and illness reports, etc.   Please email, fax or call the office with information to be listed.

 cprarodeos@yahoo.com         281-592-4900  (Office)             281-592-4902  (Fax)



Vet & Doctor Releases

Due to the high number of releases our office is receiving we will no longer

process releases that do not have the required documentation.

This means you will be fined for turn out(s) because our office

will not be able to locate the rodeo file to apply release to.

This is not a new rule.

Requirements are as follows:

1.  Must be received within seven (7) busisness day following the final perf.

                          2.  Must have the contestants name and THE NAME OF THE RODEO.

The majority of releases our office receives do not have the rodeo name

and many are sent to the wrong association.  If the vet or doctor does not put

the name of the rodeo you can hand write the rodeo name on the release. 

DO NOT leave this up to the vet or doctor.  This is your responsibility.

No exceptions!

You must send to the rodeo association

that  is 1st sanctioned regardless of which association you are a member of.





CPRA is now offering Online Rodeo Entry for contestants. This feature is available for contestants
that are current members, in good standings with the association, no current fine and are wanting to enter Rough Stock events or Timed Event


Contacts to obtain username and password:

        Rodeo Sports Network – 800-547-6336 (Thursdays & Fridays only)

        CPRA office – 281-592-4900 (Mon. thru Thurs. 9am to 3pm; Friday 9am to 12noon, Closed weekends.)



Click on the links below for detailed step-by-step instructions.

Contestant Website Logon Instructions

Contestant Rodeo Entry Instructions



Online entries

  • Select the performanct you wish to enter. Once you’ve selected your perf (or slack) will then have a 2nd & 3rd option.  “Out” can be used for option.  (“Out” means if there is no opening in the perf in the options you chose then you are out, period.)  Do not give an option that will not work for you because if a perf is not filled an option in which you’ve given as a 2nd or 3rd perf, you do run the risk of being pulled by random draw to that perf. If you are concerned that slack will not be accepted due to low perf entries, then give a 2nd option of a perf that will work for you.


Watch for slack notice

You will see a notice stating “Slack is not guaranteed at this time”.  Once perfs are filled the notice will change to state “Slack is now guaranteed”.  If you need to change your preference you will have to call the entry office at this time.  A change in programs is being looked into to make online preference changes a possibility.