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Frequently Asked Questions


.Updated May, 2016


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       MOST COMMON ASKED QUESTIONS:   These rules apply to all CPRA 1st sanctioned rodeos

      Local Events: (Mutton Bustin, Jr. events, etc.)

      Q.  How do I find information on these local events?

      A.  Any information we have will be on our schedule page for each rodeo. If nothing is listed then we have no info.  If no

           info is listed to enter it is because we have none.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE 800 NUMBER ON OUR SCHEDULE

           PAGE.  That number is only for our contestants to enter our standard CPRA events.

       Tips on entering

       Problem: You can only enter at a particular performance.  For instance, you can only enter on Saturday so you will give your

       first preference as Saturday.  The operator advises you the performance is already filled and will ask you for a 2nd preference.

       If you are certain you can only go on Saturday then you should give "Out" as your 2nd preference.  The same applies to slack.

       If you can only go in slack you must advise the operator that you want slack or out.  You must remember that slack is not

       always guaranteed.  However, if slack is accepted by the stock contractor, then you will get slack.  Never give a preference

       that you know you will be unavailable to compete.  BE PREPARED TO WRITE YOUR CONFIRMATION NUMBER.

       If you have a problem with your entry and do not have your confirmation number do not call the office for assistance.

       About Draw-Outs

       You can draw out only if you do so before the books close on Tuesday, 4:00pm.  You will call the central entry office and

        must provide the operator with your entry confirmation number.  The entry operator will then provide you with a draw-out

        confirmation number.  ALWAYS SAVE YOUR CONFIRMATION NUMBERS.

        After the books close on Tuesday, 4:00pm you cannot draw out.  No exceptions.

      About Turn-outs

       Problem:  You've entered a CPRA rodeo and have learned you must turn out?  You don't know who you're suppose to call.

       Answer:  There is only one reason to notify anyone if you are turning out.  That reason is if you would like to pay your fees,

       have the fees applied to the payoff, and save $45.00 off a turnout fine (turnout fines are always your fees plus $45).  In this

       instance you will need to contact the office no later than 12:00 noon on the Friday of the rodeo. You will pay fees only,  no

       service charge. This applies to members and non-members. 


      Next Turn-out problem:  You want to now what happens after you've turned out? 

      Answer:  After each CPRA rodeo the secretary turns your name in.  You will not be fined until the expiration of seven (7)

      business days.  On the eight day you will become ineligible to enter another CPRA rodeo until your fine has been paid.

      About Doctor & Vet Releases (All contestants are eligible for two releases per calendar year)

      Problem:  You need to doctor or vet release and don't know the procedure.

      Answer:  This is simple if you make a note of what is necessary.  1st - You must obtain a release on the doctors letterhead.

      2nd - Your release must be in our office no later than seven (7) business days following the final performance of

      the rodeo.  3rd - The release must have your NAME (not your horses name).  4th - The release must have the name of the

     rodeo(s) you are releasing from.  Step #4 is equally important as your name.  

     More on Releases:  Your entered in the Team Roping and want to know how this effects your partner.  As long as your

     release  is in the office within the required time, with all required information, your partner is excused as well as you. Your

     partner can  still compete IF he can find another partner that is ALREADY entered in the rodeo in any event, any performance

     or slack.  Keep in mind that he cannot pick up another team roping partner unless that persons partner is turning out.

      If there are any changes in teams the team must notify the rodeo secretary immediately upon arrival at the rodeo.

     With the required doctor or vet release there are no fines or fees incurred.  It is not necessary to notify the office of your intent

     to release.   Releases can be faxed at 281-592-4902, or emailed at cprarodeos@yahoo.com.. 

    About Rain-Outs

    Our CPRA stock contractors always notify our office in the event of a rain-out.  Any information on rain-outs will be

    immediately posted on our website home page, latest updates box. Do not make any assumptions based on hearsay.


     Q.  What are the office hours?

     A.  Normal office hours are Monday through Thursday 9:00AM to 3:00PM; Friday 9:00AM to 12:00 noon. 

           However, during hours our entry system is accepting entries our office will remain open until the closing

           of books.  We are closed Saturdays and Sundays.

     Q.  Can the office give me vendor information?

     A.  No, our office is not provided with any vendor information nor contact numbers.

     QHow do I become a member of CPRA?

     A.  There are several ways to join.  1) Call our office during business hours. Our secretary will be glad to take your

           information over the phone.  Master Card or Visa accepted with $5.00 S.C. 2) Membership applications can be

           found in our official publication, Cowboy Sports News, or on this website on the "Join" page  Simply complete the

           application and mail to our office along with the appropriate fees. 4) Memberships can be purchased at any  CPRA

           approved rodeo.  Personnel checks accepted.   


     QHow much is the membership fee?

     A.  A competing card is $100.00.  A non-compete card is $65.00.  

     Q.  What are the requirements to become a CPRA bullfighter?  Is membership required to work a CPRA  

           rodeo?  How much is the membership?    

     A.  Simply complete a membership application and check Bullfighter. 

           Yes, you must have a membership to work at a CPRA rodeo.  Membership is $65.00.


     QAre there any age limits for membership or to compete at CPRA Rodeos?

     A.  For timed events there are no age limits.  For rough stock events you must be 16 yrs.of age or older. 

           Any contestant  that is under 18 yrs.of age must have a notorized minors release.  Release forms can be found on

          our website "Join" page.          

     Q. Can I enter and compete without a membership?

     A.  Yes.  You will pay a permit fee of $10.00 in addition to your entry fees at the rodeo.

     Q.  How do I find information on the rodeos?  How do I enter a CPRA Rodeo?

     A.  All CPRA Rodeos and approved events are listed on our website, "Schedule" page.  Entry numbers, along

           with entry book opening dates and times, are listed on the "Schedule" page.  Schedules are also listed in the

           Cowboy Sports News. Please do not call our entry system for information on local events such as

           junior events or mutton bustin as they only take entries for our eight standard CPRA events.

     Q.  Can I enter at the rodeo?

     A.   No.  All rodeo entries must be made during official entry dates and hours.

     Q.  If I miss entering when the books are open are late entries accepted?

     A.  At the stock contractors discretion & under certain conditions the books may be left open on

           Wednesday from 10AM to 2:00PM only for performances not filled.  No slack late entries are accepted. 

           Please refer our rule book under Rodeo Entries, pg. 4 & 5.



     Q.  What happens if I enter a rodeo and turn-out?  Can I call and draw out after the rodeo books have


     A.  After the expiration of seven business days you will be placed on the fines list and not be allowed to enter an  rodeo

            until the fine is paid.  This applies to all permit entries as well as card members. 

            Once the books have closed you cannot draw  out.

     Q.  If I cannot compete at a rodeo I entered should I call anyone?

     A.  No.  It is not necessary to call the office, stock contractor or rodeo secretary.  The rodeo secretary will

          automatically place your name on a turn-out list to be provided to our office, regardless if you call or not.


     Q.  If I am placed on the fines list how do I know how much my fine is?

     A.   Two ways.  (1) Fines list are updated on our website after the expired deadline date.  Just go to the "Fines List"

           and, (2) your fine will always be your fees at the rodeo you turned out , plus $45.00.


     Q.  How do I vet or doctor release from a rodeo?

     A.   Releases must be received on vet or doctor letterhead.  Releases must include your name and the name of the rodeo             

            It is the contestants responsibility to make certain faxes or mailed releases are received in the CPRA

            office within the deadline.  It is not the responsibility of the vet or doctor regardless of whether the vet or doctor 

            tells you they will fax the release. 

      Q.  How much time do I have to send a vet or doctor release?

      A.  You have seven (7) business days from the final performance of the rodeo.  Business days do not include weekends or holidays.                        Releases received after the deadline are not accepted.

      Q.  How many vet or doctor releases am I allowed?

      A.  Every contestant is allowed two (2) total releases per year.  This applies to permit entries as well as members

            You can have two vet releases or two doctor releases.....or one of each per year.


    More information will be provided at a later date.  Please check back often.

    For questions not answered on this page, please refer to our online rule book or feel free to contact our